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Thank you Blaze Miskulin and the Lodi Valley Chronicle

for the fabulous photos and all things Lodi!

And the Winners Are…

1st Place:  Diane Schmidt for Spicy Kosher
2nd Place: Deanna Cole for Slippery Pickle
Best Name: Jason Rasussen for I‘m Kinda a Big Dill

1st Place: Ben Melun
2nd Place: Ryan Freidel

1st Place: Janel Arendsee
2nd Place: Diane Schmidt
Best Name: Heather Rasmussen for Cumin Try Me


1st Place: Mark Labor for Jalepeno
2nd Place: Steve VanLanken for Irish Stout


People’s Choice
1st Place: Tracey Wylesky for Blueberry Oatmeal Cream Pie
2nd Place: Tracey Wylesky for Belgian Dark Strong Ale


1st Place: American Piggers
2nd Place: D’Old Crow
3rd Place: Fat Finger
4th Place: Smokin Sharkey’s BBQ


People’s choice
Side A: Schmidt’s Hogs BBQ
Side B: Woods BBQ

What to know:

Every year in September we shut down Main Street and turn it into one of the fastest growing block parties around.

This event begins at 10am and goes until 6pm.

It is free to attend, but Rib tasting and voting requires a VIP ticket.

We invite 18 cookers to come to the ultimate rib smoking standoff.

The cooking starts bright and early, right on Main Street.

As the day breaks, the real fun begins...tasting!

Want to try some of these amazing ribs, and judge for yourself?

Purchase a VIP ticket that entitles you to sample 9 entries.

Your VIP ticket is the only way to sample the competition ribs and these tickets are limited to 100! Included with your VIP ticket you may cast your vote for People's Choice Award,  two free drink tickets and voting tickets for salsa, chili, pickle and homebrew as well as a SWAG bag full of great items from our Sponsors!

Enter the competitions:

Salsa graphic

Salsa Competition

Beer growler home brew craft brewer alcohol glass ale pale ipa wheat hops

Homebrew Competition

Chili Graphic 1

2021 Chili Contest!



Pickle Contest!

Lodi Valley Brew-B-Que

Rib Cook-off

Cooking Rules


Brew~B~Que Bags Tournament

Competitive Bracket Rules

  • $15 per person.
  • 16 team Double elimination .
  • Best out of 1 game in winners bracket.
  • Best out of 1 game in losers bracket.
  • Rally scoring.
  • No bust - Can go over 21.
  • Before each match begins, flip a coin to see which side of the board each player will throw from.
  • 5 minute grace period rule: if you wander off to taste the ribs or brews and do not come back to play after 5 minutes – you lose. So stock up before we start! 😊
  • How to register:
  • Download the Scoreholio app.
  • Create an account.
  • Click on Find a Tournament
  • Search for the tournament by typing in: Brew

Thank you to our

Sizzlin Platinum Band Sponsors

Thank you to our

Smokin' Gold Sponsors

Join us for the block party of the year!

It's almost time for our Annual Brew-B-Que event in Downtown, Main Street, Lodi!
Enter your Family Favorite or Grandmas's secret recipe 🌶  Chili, 🍅  Salsa
🔥  Ribs or 🍻 🍺 Home Brew into our competition.
NEW this year, 🥒 Pickle Competition!
Cash Prizes, 🏆 Awards and 📣  Mega Bragging  Rights for the winners!
To sample all the yumminess and be a judge,
buy one of only 100 VIP passes 🎟


We will also be offering mouth watering ribs & pulled pork from the
Chamber Food Stand.  Beer tent, Swag and


The Usual Suspects

Mickey Magnum


5th GEAR

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